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commuting, cruising or on vacation, we've got you covered!

Whether you're vacationing, cruising or a busy executive on the go Bahamas WiMAX has you covered. With over 100 WiFi Hot Spots (adding more daily) throughout the Bahamas. Located in most major anchorages, marinas, airports and towns.  Connect to any of our WiFi Hot Spots, Signup, Login and Surf. No Wires.  No Worries  

 Plans User Type

 Down Up to


Up to

Usage Allowance

MAX daily $7.44
+$0.56 VAT=$8.00

Ideal for users that need short term access.

1.5 Mbps*

1.5 Mbps*

max weekly $18.60
+$1.40 VAT=$20.00

For the short term visitor or boater.

1.5 Mbps*

1.5 Mbps*

max monthly $50.23
+$3.77 VAT=$54.00

For the longer term visitor or boater.

Great for the busy executive

that is on the road a lot as well.  

1.5 Mbps*

1.5 Mbps*


*Speeds quoted based on ideal conditions.  

Download speeds may vary

based on distance from transmitter,

obstructions and

other radio interference.

Connect one device only.




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